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Kylie Adam​s-Collier

Award winning Australian songwriter.

Traditional country, folk & bluegrass.

Biography  -   Single releases   -    Awards   -   Band line -ups   -   Festival appearances  -  Producers 

Kylie has recorded six albums throughout her career including two Snow Leopard albums on Waterfront Records and four solo albums:

'Bellingen Says Goodnight' produced by Brendan Gallagher, 'Sweet Dreams 'til Morning' produced by Gary Brown, 'Little Stone' produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records and her most recent album 'Light as a Feather' produced by Michael Carpenter.

With a family history of a famous composer, opera singer, actor and vaudeville cabaret performer, writing and singing are in Kylie's genes.

Some have likened her rich vibrato and tone to Iris Dement, Judith Durham and Vera Lynn.

Career highlights include singing live at the wireless on JJJfm with the Snow Leopards, recording a jingle for ABC radio 's 'This Sporting Life' with Roy & HG,

performing at the Capitol Theatre during the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the 75th Montevideo Maru Anniversary Service at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra and Rabaul -Papua New Guinea, meeting the president of Ireland Dr Michael Higgins, the first Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Sir Michael Somare and first and foremost travelling Australia and making friends while performing at regional festivals.

Described as a painter of words Kylie’s original songs are unique yet warmly familiar.

Not only charting well and winning many awards but deeply resonating with people from all walks of life.

Kylie has just released her‘Light as a Feather’ album with producer Michael Carpenter, going back to her Bellingen roots. 

You can take the girl out of Bellingen but you can’t take the Bellingen out of the girl. 

Music history.

Kylie Adams-Collier was born in Sydney in 1968 but grew up in Bellingen in northern NSW.

Her musical beginnings were influenced by her mother Gilly Adams's love of music.

Gill Adams was one of the first radio test broadcasters of 2BBBfm Bellingen and hosted Gills Jazz for over twenty five years.

Kylie's mother enjoyed lots of styles of music and often hosted musical parties with the alternate new arrivals of Bellingen.

Kylie and her little sister attended colourful parties in local valley halls with their mother, experiencing the fun of live music on a very organic level. Kylie began experimenting with creating melodies on her mother's piano at the age of five.

Leaving home in the late eighties to study art, Kylie discovered the raging bars of inner western Sydney and it wasn't long before she took to the stage with the promise of free beer at the Lansdowne Hotel.

It was then that she began to write songs and her sister Jenny Adams gave her an acoustic guitar with 2 cent pieces for tuning pegs. Jenny and Kylie worked as the Adams Sisters for a short time in the early nineties.

For the next thirty years Kylie dabbled in various musical styles working in many different line ups around Sydney and her hometown of Bellingen plus many solo tours on regional country music festivals.

She has worked with many producers over the years and continues to write and record music.

A member of the Australian Performing Rights Association, Australian Songwriters Association, Tamworth Songwriters Association and the Country Music Association of Australia, Kylie's original music has won many awards and receives alot of radio airplay around the world.


Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriting Contest top 30 Australian song for 'Fearless Like a Magpie.' ( Light as a Feather album).

Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriting Contest top 30 Spiritual song for 'Light as a Feather.' ( Light as a Feather album).

Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriting contest shortlist- Best Country,Folk/acoustic,Spiritual and Lyrics ( Light as a Feather album).

Tamworth Songwriters Association Salute Awards - Finalist- Best Bluegrass Song for 'Light as a Feather' (Light as a Feather'album).

Tamworth Songwriters Association Salute Awards - Semi finalist- Eric Watson Commemorative Award for Traditional Country Song of The Year for 'Fearless Like a Magpie ('Light as a Feather' album).

Gold Medallion Media Awards finalist for Best Female artist for NSW.

Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards finalist for Female vocalist of the Year for 'Camel up Earlston Said.'

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards finalists for John and Judy Martin Commemorative Award for Traditional Country Song of The Year: Camel up Earlston Said.

Songs Alive Australia National Songwriting Competition Top 10 Finalist for heritage Song of The Year: "Montevideo Maru 1942."

(Little Stone album).

Kross Kut Records Music Award winner for "Little Stone' album.

Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards winner: Best New Talent: 

"On a Sandstone Ridge." (Little Stone album).

Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards finalist :Best Female Artist: 

"On a Sandstone Ridge." (Little Stone album).

Brumby Awards winner: 

Heritage Song of The Year-"Montevideo Maru 1942." (Little Stone album).

Brumby Awards winner: Songwriter-

"Montevideo Maru 1942." (Little Stone album).

Stan Coster Australian memorial Bush Ballad Awards Winner: 

Best New Talent: " On a Sandstone Ridge."(Little Stone album).

Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards National Runner up: 

Best country Album: "Little Stone."

Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards National Runner up: 

Best Songwriter: "Little Stone."

Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriters Awards:

 Top 10 Australian Song of The Year:" Best Friend 'Round The Block."

(Little Stone album).

Traditional Country Music Awards of Australia album of the year winner: "Little Stone."

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Finalist: 

Best Bluegrass Song: " Moonshine" ( Little Stone album).

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Semi Finalists for Best Heritage Song: "Montevideo Maru 1942"( Little Stone album).

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Semi Finalist for Best Gospel Song: "Sweet Dreams 'til Morning" (Sweet Dreams 'til Morning album).

Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards Finalist for Best Gospel Song: "Waiting For Heaven to Rain."(Sweet Dreams 'til Morning album).

John P Toomey Songwriting Award Finalist:

 "Goodbye Dear Tamworth."(Sweet Dreams 'til Morning album).

Tamworth Capitol Country Music Association Songwriting Awards Finalist: 

"Pacific Highway."(Bellingen Says Goodnight album).

Tamworth Capitol Country Music Association Songwriting Awards Finalist: 

"Wallpaper Horses."

Single Releases-

Oh Johnny-1991-  The Snow Leopards-  Waterfront Records-  written by Bruce Begley.

Sweet Sweet Dreams -  February 1992 -  The Snow Leopards -  Waterfront Records - written by Bruce Begley.

Waiting For Heaven to Rain - January 2016 - Sweet Dreams 'til Morning - written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Goodbye Dear Tamworth - March 2016 - Sweet Dreams 'til Morning - written Kylie Adams-Collier.

Sweet Dreams 'til Morning - October 2016 - Sweet Dreams 'til Morning - written Kylie Adams-Collier.

I Can't Help it if I'm Still in Love With You - January 2018 - Sweet Dreams 'til Morning - written by Hank Williams.

Younger in Urunga - February 2018 - Little Stone - Kross Kut Records -written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Montevideo Maru 1942 - June 2018 - Little Stone - Kross Kut Records - written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

On a Sandstone Ridge - April 2019 - Little Stone - Kross Kut Records - written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Moonshine-April 2019 - Little Stone - Kross Kut Records - written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Best Friend 'Round The Block - November 2019 - Little Stone - Kross Kut Records - written by by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Hook, Line & Sinker-November 2019 - Little Stone - Kross Kut Records - written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Camel up Earlston Said - August 2020 - written by Kylie Adams-Collier.

When Loved ones Are Near - November 2020 - Sweet Dreams 'til Morning- written by Kylie Adams-Collier

Light as a Feather - September 2021 - Light as a Feather  - written by Kylie Adams-Collier

Memories of My Old Town - March 2022 - written by Kylie Adams-Collier

Band line-up timeline- 

1988- The Willows.

Paul Hayward : bass

Greg Morrow: guitar

Peter Kelly: drums

Bruce Begley: guitar

Kylie Adams: vocals

Tony: harmonica.

Kylie joined the Willows in 1988 and played at a few inner western Sydney pubs including the iconic Sandringham Hotel.

Covering country music classics, Kylie' first foray into singing on the stage was a good way to have a bit of fun with her mates and drink alot of beer.

1991-The Snow Leopards.

Two albums- Self Titled & Sweet Sweet Dreams on Waterfront Records.

Bruce Begley: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, backing vocals

Paul Nagle: acoustic guitar, slide guitar

Peter Kelly: drums

Andrew Ingram: bass

James Lockett: piano & organ

Greg Atkinson: vocals

Lisa Partington: vocals

Andrea Croft: vocals

Kylee ( Kylie) Adams: vocals.

After briefly working with Bruce Begley (The Honeys) in The Willows, Bruce invited Kylie to join his new band the 'Snow Leopards' with Andrea Croft (The Honeys), Greg Atkinson (Big Heavy Stuff), Lisa Partington  

(The Rosemaries),Peter Kelly (Disneyfist), Peter Kelly (Vanilla Chainsaws), James Lockett, Paul Nagel and Andrew Ingram.

The Snow Leopards recorded two albums on Waterfront Records which lead to a national tour, JJJfm playlisting and a live at the wireless concert plus videos on ABC’s Rage TV. The Snow Leopards got into the Top 10 Alternative ARIA charts and played regularly at venues.

The Snow Leopards were also included in the Roo Art Young Blood Compilation CD. This lead to touring with The Fauves, The Clouds, The Welcome Mat and many more popular independent bands of the 90's.

1994- Deep South.

Dom Phillips: guitar 

Tony Cooper: drums 

Mark Cunningham: bass 

Kylie Adams: vocals.

A fun blues and roots band that played around inner western Sydney. 

Deep South supported established acts including Canned Heat and Lonesome Boogie

1995 -The Appollonians.

Dom Phillips: guitar

Tony Cooper: drums

Mark Cunningham: bass

Kylie Adams: vocals.

The Appollonians was an original country/folk/blues/roots band.

They supported many bands including The Whitlams, Peggy Van Zalm, Richard Clapton, Mental as Anything and many more.

Kylie and Dom recorded demos but didn't release any music.

1998-The Adams Sisters

Kylie Adams: vocals

Jenny Adams: guitar & vocals

Recording: Not released.

Jenny & Kylie performed their original music at pubs around inner western Sydney.

1999- Kitty Adams & The Hi Ho Silvers.

Dom Phillips- guitar

John Thorne - drums

Karen Braidwood - guitar

Brad Ross- bass

Kitty Adams (Kylie)

Kitty Adams & the Hi Ho Silvers formed a band in Kylie's hometown in Bellingen and played at various small festivals and markets.

They recorded a self titled Demo EP.

Kylie's self penned song about her father 'Wallpaper Horse' made it into the finals in the Capitol Country Music Association National songwriting competition and was covered by local papers and the channel 7 TV. Kylie travelled to Tamworth and competed, accompanied by Bellingen artist Sandra Clarke on guitar.

2000- Four Good Reasons.

Kitty Adams (Kylie)-vocals & guitar

Leisa Robinson-vocals & guitar

Sandra Clarke-vocals & guitar

Greg Richardson-bass

'Kitty' continued to write songs, working with other Bellingen artists Sandra Clarke, Leisa Robinson and many more performing at many fundraising gigs, wine fairs and hotels in and around the Bellingen area.

The very popular Cool Creek Cafe, supported 'Kitty' in more ways than one. Annie and Shelley supported Kylie as a waitress where she met numerous touring acts. Sometimes she was a singing waitress on request! Annie booked 'Kitty' as a support act or a headline act and she would fill the venue. This helped 'Kitty' build a strong fan base in her hometown.

2000-Bellingen Singers, Songwriters and Musicians Society (BSSMS). 

The group held popular monthly concerts in town that was recorded by Radio 2bbb’s Max Thrower and broadcasted on the local radio. Neil Hamilton hosted the evening and it was a great networking base for local musicians and a great platform for playing original music. 'Kitty' also worked with local Bellingen Musician Nigel Harrington on a dance track

on his Nagual album. She also teamed up with Luke Rhodes and Nigel Harrington for a special event at the Cool Creek Café to raise money for local businesses affected by floods.

The BSSSMS encouraged local music collaboration.


Kitty Adams (Kylie): vocals

Chris Frater-saxophone

Peter Crane-guitar

Greg Richardson-bass,

Lawrence Pastro-drums

Michael Daunt-keyboards.

Zoobop performed at two Bellingen Jazz and Blues Festivals,

Food and Wine Fair, pubs and private functions, Kempsey Art Ball and the Coffs Harbour Food & Wine Fair.

2004- Kitty & The Alley Cats.

Kitty Adams ( Kylie): vocals & guitar

Roy Payne: guitar & lapsteel

Paul Hayward: bass

Dave Hibbert: drums

Mark Thomas: pedal steel

Special guests: Trucker Bob, Buddy Cartwright, Greg Morrow, Jeff Pope.

Recordings: live at the Town & Country Hotel 2004 and an EP. Not released.

Roy Payne from the Whiteliners approached Kylie and suggested starting a country /rockabilly band. 

They played country classics of Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Linda Ronstadt and recorded an EP of Kylie’s original songs. Kitty and The  Alley cats played regularly at inner Western Sydney venues and recorded a live unreleased album at the iconic Town and Country Hotel. 

2003- Danny Deckchair.

While in Bellingen Kylie was cast as an extra along with many other Bellingen locals for the major feature film, Danny Deckchair. Kylie travelled to Fox Studios, Sydney and played the part of a keyboard player in the infamous Macadamia Nut Ballroom scene with Miranda Otto and Rhys Ifans.

2014- 2022


Festival performances:

Christmas in Pyrmont Festival

Ultimo Pyrmont Festival

Bellingen Jazz Festival

Coffs Harbour Food & Wine Fair

Bouldy Bush Ballad Bash Festival: Bouldercomb.

Kickin' Country: Commercial Club: Albury.

People's Day- Australia's Day: Urunga NSW.

Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Kempton Festival.

Ariah Park Mary Gilmore Festival.

Bedgerabong Country Music Campout.

Yellowbelly Country Music Festival.

Port Stephens Toyota Bluewater Country Music Festival

Rainbow on The Plains Festival: Hay.

Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards Festival: Pittsworth.

Clarence Valley Country Muster

Bungendore Country Music Muster.

Stan Coster Australian memorial Bush Ballad Awards.

Heritage & Bullock Festival-Oatlands

Poley's Hoedown.

Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Longhorn Festival: Deepwater.

Tamworth Hats off to Country Music Festival.

Full list of gigs on gig page.


Recorded and released 'Camel up Earlston Said.'​

Produced by Lindsay Waddington. 

Cancelled tours due to COVID 19 lockdowns.

2021- 'Light as a Feather.'

Kylie's fourth solo album is currently in production at Love HZ Studios.

Produced by Michael Carpenter.​

Cancelled tours due to COVID 19 lockdowns.

Pro​ducers: 1991- 2021- released and unreleased recordings.

Greg Atkinson, John Hresc and Tim Whitten - Studios 301 -Sydney. - The Snow Leopards.

Roy & HG- ABC Studios - Sydney- This Sporting Life Jingle.

Dom Phillips - Sydney & Bellingen.

In house producer- Zen Studios - Sydney.

In house producer- Nambucca Studios.

Max Thrower- 2BBBfm - Bellingen.

Steve Rackley - Sydney.

Tony Polson- Bart Island Studios - Bellingen.

Greg Morrow- Sydney.

Brendan Gallagher at Gig Piglet Studios,

Pavilion Studios and Studio East - Sydney.

John Cobbin- Moonlight Studios - Sydney.

Ryan Miller- Housefox Studios - Sydney.

Guy Delandro - Bellingen.

Andrew Goodman Jones - Radio Northern Beaches 

Gary Brown- Propaganda Studios- Sydney.

Lindsay Waddington- Kross Kut Records - Gold Coast -Queensland

Michael Carpenter- Love HZ Studios - Sydney.