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Kylie Adams-Collier. 


Kylie's Blog.

11th January 2022

Happy New Year! 

Unlike previous years when I would consume too much alcohol and wait for the sun to rise on New Years Day, I was fast asleep by 10.30pm and missed the beginning of 2022 completely. Being a woman in my fifties, I don't find the desire to drink tequila slammers in night clubs anymore. I guess I was a bit on the wild side in my younger years. 

Growing up in a small town drinking alot of beer, dancing and skinny dipping in the river after a big night was the beginning of my drinking problem that lasted for quite a few decades.Working and singing in bars was the catalyst for my weekend binge drinking. My friends were binge drinkers. It seemed normal to me.

Okay, picture this.

For ten years my name was Kitty Adams. I played in various bands including Kitty & The Alley Cats around bars in Sydney. Now those Alley Cats often lead me astray at after gig parties! It was fun though. I was one of the boys and I could drink anyone under the table. One night we heard a car accident out the front of my friend's house. I went out to investigate. It was a minor accident holding up the traffic so I boldy became the traffic controller in my cowgirl hat! Standing there in the rain in the middle of the night guiding traffic. That is something I would not do sober.

Yes, I guess there are alot of things that I did under the influence of alchohol that I am not particularlty proud of but as I grow older I am learning to forgive myself. As my song says 'forgiveness brings the light inside your soul that you have searched for...'

I will write a blog about Kitty & the Alley Cats one day with some photos. They were fun times. I survived!

Moving right along.....

Over the holidays I wrote a few poems I would like to share with you. I love to write whether it be a song, poems, ideas, stories or plays, putting words to paper is a joy to me.

I have included some photographs to accompany my poems. 


Stay safe and be kind to one another.

Kylie. x


The Art of Conversation by Kylie Adams-Collier.


The art of conversation left me at the isolation gate

When once my words were fluid 

Now they come in a little late

I listen in intently 

As I sum the courage up

I work upon a story

Waiting for the right time to interrupt

But the table talk has shifted gear 

The stream has gathered pace

It bubbles and it chatters

And I think I've lost the race

So I go outside and pat the dog

Who knows that life is great

His art of conversation is barking at the gate.

'An Echo.'

By Kylie Adams-Collier.


For my mate Mark Thompson .

An Echo from my bottom drawer

Lays silent much unlike before

When folk would gather round the fire

When the sun was low, noon or high

Songs of old and stories too

Of love and loss

Or happy news

Old harp it's time you played again

So I will send you to a friend

Who recites his poems

To listening ears

By a fireside for

near and dear

The Adams sisters.

My mate's new Echo. xx

Little Cabin.'

By Kylie Adams-Collier.


Little cabin on the hill

For the past few days you served us well

With a choir of frogs 

When the sun went down

Crickets and possums and nightly sounds

Timber walls, ceiling and floor

Timber trees and shrubs outdoors

Little cabin on the hill

For the past few days

You served us well.

Dairy Farmers Hill

By Kylie Adams-Collier


The sun sets on Dairy Farmers Hill

And to a chapter for my little girl

She's coming home for a short while

My songbird, my friend, my beautiful child

New beginnings,

adventures and more

With my blessings, my love with an open door. 

         Koompartoo Retreat Chalet accomodation.

Dairy Farmers Hill ACT

20th December 2021

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by my blog page! 

I would love for you to check out the latest promotional video produced by Michael Carpenter. Here I talk about what inspired me to write my 'Light as a Feather' album, the team behind it and my expectations on how my album will be recieved. It's an album teaser that I hope will give you more of an insight of  my forthcoming album.

Enjoy. xx

15th December 2021

My 'Light as a Feather' is now ready for pre-order! Yippee! 

It's out there now. Phew.

May the Universe be on my side!

The compact disc and packaging is in production at MAD CD's and the digital album and CD orders are starting to come in through Bandcamp.

Thankyou!! xxxx

Pre-orders for Spotify,iTunes and Apple music will start in February.

I'd like to say a huge thankyou to MIchael Carpeter for producing, engineering, mixing and mastering my album as well as playing a truck load of instruments and doing the album photography and video promotions.What a talent! Legend. It was great to work on my album with him at Love HZ studios in Sydney.

I can't thank Michael enough. I am also really happy to have Luke Moller on the album with his amazing fiddle work that captures the bluegrass sound I was after. Big thanks to Zane Banks for those wicked banjo licks and sweet mandolin!

From writing and re-writing my album through COVID to the finished product, it's been a journey!

It's also been a good way to heal and grieve for my mother and remember the place I grew up. Bellingen! God I miss Bellingen.

Why choose Bandcamp to release my music? Because fans can read about the album and get a sense of the album as a hole.

The album is set for release through Bandcamp on the 11th of March 2022.

Releases to other platforms will come later.

My first single 'Light as a Feather' can be downloaded for free with an album order through Bandcamp and the first track on my album 'Memories of my Old Town' is free aswell!

'Memories of my Old Town' will be my next single release in the new year. 

When? Probably after Tamworth. I'm taking things slowly with this album. 

I am looking for a good publicist. There's only so much I can do to get my album out there.

Ideas welcome! I need suppport on this. I really do. 

The whole album is essentially Bellingen. 

Let's talk about the first track.

'Memories of My Old Town' reminisces about the street I grew up in. 

Baker St Fernmount is just outside of Bellingen with a view of the mountains and river.

The lyrics to my song pretty much describe my childhood. It was magic. I am forever grateful.

Check out the song on Bandcamp and please support my music by ordering my album. 


Memories of My Old Town.

Music & Lyrics by Kylie Adams-Collier.

The fig trees still stand

In Baker St

Overlooking the Bellinger River

I close my eyes

And hear my sister say

Let's play together

And old Mrs Toms

Has been long gone

With the dolls house

On her verandah

And the gold fish pond

Are memories

That live on forever

Yesterday and today and tomorrow

Is it still in blossom

At the bottom of the steps

Where the old black snake slept

And the double decker bus

With George the driver

Took us into school

You could smell the kerosene

With the kids with the lice

Feelin' such a fool

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

memories of my old town

Keep coming back to me

When we found

The treasure in the yard

Old bottles from an old hotel

Green and blue

A Vessel in time

Now they sit on the shelf

At my sisters house

Bags of lollies

From the old post office

Our feet as hard as leather

From the bitumen in summer

When we'd walk down the street

To collect the letters

Yesterday and today and tomorrow

Is it still in blossom

At the bottom of the steps

Where the old black snake slept

And the double decker bus

With George the driver

Took us into school

You could smell the kerosene

With the kids with the lice

Feelin' such a fool

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

memories of my old town

Keep coming back to me

We had the best view in the valley

Like a good oil painting

Mountains and the river

Will be with me forever

And the cattle still cross the river

At Brownlees Lane

And when it pours with rain

The river just gets bigger and bigger

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

Memories of my old town

Keep coming back to me


7th December 2021

Two songs make it into the Tamworth Songwriters Association Songwriting semi - finals!

Gospel Spiritual- Light as Feather.

Traditional Eric Watson Commemorative Award- Fearless Like a Magpie.

I'm extremely happy that the title track and first single release to my forthcoming album has made it into the semi finals in the Gospel Spiritual category.

Yay! insert happy dance like no-ones watching....!!!

The heart of my song is basically about whether you are spritually ready when you die one day. The lighter the baggage the better off you will be. Well that's my theory anyway. 

Have you forgiven people in yor life? 

Are you grateful for the good things and do you count your blessings? It's good for you.Try it!

I've talked alot about my song 'Light as a Feather' on radio, social media and on my web page ( scroll down for further information) but I haven't yet talked about the second track I recorded for my new album.

Introducing 'Fearless Like a Magpie!' 

drum roll.......

I wish I could give you a sneak preview of my song but I'm not.

You'll have to wait until the album release in March.That's the way the cookie crumbles.

I can however share my lyrics with you and the story behind my song.

By the way, all of my music and lyrics are protected by the Australian Performing Rights Association of which I have been a full writers member of for a very long time... more about that in another blog...

Let's start with the story behind 'Fearless Like a Magpie.'

Written on the 5th of June 2021 just before another COVID 19 lockdown in Sydney.

I managed to squeeze in two tracks with producer Michael Carpenter at Love HZ Studios before we had to postpone the rest of the album.

Back to the story. We lost mum in March 2021. It's terribly sad when you lose the matriach of the family. Greif has so many roller-coaster emotions that comes in waves and it has has been hard. We were blessed to all be with mum in hospital when she passed away. It was confronting but I feel extremely privilalged to be there at that very moment of her last breath. Everyone deals with greif in their own way. I am so proud of my family in how we are supporting each other.

I underwent mindfulness coaching, counselling, I decided to give up drinking rather than drink too much and I put pen to paper and wrote an album about mum and my hometown of Bellingen.

'Fearless like a Magpie' is about being brave.

You have no fear when you're a kid. You can swim in the mud, climb tress and  ride the lilo down the river rapids. My song explores those memories and encourages you to be fearless like a magpie. Incidentally, I really love magpies! I love birds full stop.

I always say hello to magpies.'Hello maggie magpie! I call out and I always look at them straight in the eye. Occasionally I leave a trail of cat biscuits when they are nesting to reassure them that I am not the person they should be swooping!

And so, here are the lyrics.

Fearless Like a Magpie by Kylie Adams-Collier 5.6.21 - Key - Eb

Verse 1

Swimming in the Hawkesbury River

Rolling in the mud at low tide

Never-mind the jellyfish dad said

Holidays at Mount White and all the things we did

You have no fear when you’re a kid

Verse 2

Climbing up the mulberry tree

To pick the highest berries

Mum said she’d make a crumble later on

One foot behind the other

Then you jump down to the ground

You have no fear when you’re a kid


Then one day you grow older

And your starry eyes seem to fade

Always chasing the horizon

And all the dreams and plans you’d made

Some days you’re a wall-flower

Other days you speak your mind

Just be fearless like a magpie

And your dreams will come in time

Verse 3

Riding on the lilo

Down the rapids on the river

Pump it up to miss the river rocks

Grab the willow tree

To get back to the top

You have no fear when you’re a kid

Chorus – solo-Chorus- last line x2

Fearless Like a Magpie:

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by MIchael Carpenter.

Michael Carpenter- guitar, double bass & madolin.

Luke Moller - fiddle

Kylie Adams-Collier - vocals.

Track 7 on my forthcoming 'LIght as a Feather' album.

Released March 2022.

I would like to thank the judges of the TSA awards for selecting my songs and I look forward to seeing if they make it into the finals.

I 'd also like to wish all of the amazing songwriters in the semi finals the very best of luck!

A full list of TSA semi finalists can be found here:


September 2021.

'Light as a Feather' single release.

This heartfelt bluegrass /gospel explores forgiveness on a universal level. 'Light as a Feather' is the first single from my forthcoming album.

Sometimes it is impossible to forgive and forget. Sometimes it is. Everyone has their own story.

The story behind the lyrics of my song originated with the mindfulness coaching I undertook with Kel - Anne Brandt's Inspired Mindset Coaching.

What I learned from Kel - Anne was invaluable and I can't thank her enough for pressing the reset button!

For many years I carried a big chip on my shoulder that included past hurts, conflicts, bullying, disappointments and the list goes on!

She taught me how to forgive.

When you forgive someone you literally feel as light as a feather. She also taught me how to send love and blessings and how to be grateful. I can move forward now and see life in a more positive way.

Okay, I still have bad days but I can learn and move on from those days alot quicker.

I recorded my single  'Light as a Feather' at Love HZ Studios in Sydney on the  22nd of June 2021. Just before another COVID 19 lockdown.

It was the first time I had  worked with highly acclaimed producer Michael Carpenter and creative sparks started flying from get go.

I had emailed a demo for Michael to work with and he quickly laid down an acoustic rhythm track for the foundations to my song.

Michael continued to build the song with double bass, dobro guitar and mandolin followed by me laying down vocal and backing vocal tracks. Luke Moller recorded a fiddle track online from Melbourne.

Michael recorded a great drum track during the session but I suggested leaving it out to create an authentic bluegrass sound.

With that in mind the mixdown of the track was a great collaboration and when Michael mastered it, the sound was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks to Community radio, 'Light as a Feather' reached number 9 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Air Play Chart.

Let's hope my message of forgiveness helped people along the way.

'Light as a Feather' single produced and mastered by Michael Carpenter at Love HZ Studios.

Michael Carpenter- acoustic guitar, dobro guitar, double bass & mandolin.

Luke Moller- fiddle.

Kylie Adams-Collier-vocals & backing vocals.

Music and lyrics written by Kylie Adams-Collier ©

Light as a Feather interview produced by Michael Carpenter.