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Multi -award winning Australian songwriter Kylie Adams-Collier delves deep into her hometown roots with her forthcoming album

With influences of bluegrass ,folk and traditional old school country, her songs of love, forgiveness, grief and small town memories are delivered in a unique yet warmly familiar sentiment. 

Still in production with producer Michael Carpenter at Love HZ studios, her new album will be ready to pre -order late October.

Light as a Feather single out now.

Written by Kylie Adams-Collier, this heartfelt bluegrass /gospel explores forgiveness on a universal level. 'Light as a Feather' is the first single from her forthcoming album.

Sometimes it is impossible to forgive and forget. Sometimes it is. Everyone has their own story.

Kylie wrote this song as part of the grieving process of her mother passing away this year. 

'Light as a Feather' single produced and mastered by Michael Carpenter at Love HZ Studios.

Michael Carpenter- acoustic guitar, dobro guitar, double bass & mandolin.

Luke Moller- fiddle.

Kylie Adams-Collier-vocals & backing vocals.

Working in the studio:

Kylie recorded her single  'Light as a Feather' at Love HZ Studios in Sydney on the  22nd of June 2021. Just before another COVID 19 lockdown.

It was the first time Kylie worked with highly acclaimed producer Michael Carpenter and creative sparks started flying from get go.

Kylie had emailed a demo for Michael to work with and he quickly laid down an acoustic rhythm track for the foundations to Kylie's song.

Michael continued to build the song with double bass, dobro guitar and mandolin followed by Kylie laying down vocal and backing vocal tracks. Luke Moller recorded a fiddle track online from Melbourne.

Michael recorded a great drum track during the session but Kylie suggested leaving it out to create an authentic bluegrass sound.

With that in mind the mixdown of the track was a great collaboration and when Michael mastered it, the sound was exactly what Kylie was looking for.

Music and lyrics written by Kylie Adams-Collier ©

Registered with the Australian Performing Rights Association. 

All rights reserved.

Registered  International Standard Recording Code with ARIA.

Single out now on Bandcamp!

Kylie's title track will be the first single release from her forthcoming album and will be available to download from the Bandcamp music release platform only.

Please support Kylie's songwriting by purchasing her music.

Single to radio release:

Light as a Feather is booked to be released early September through CRS Publicity, AMRAP and Diamondback Records.

YouTube Lyric Video:

Produced and edited by Kylie Adams-Collier - 

Lyrics written by Kylie Adams-Collier 2/1/21 ©

Registered with the Australian Performing Rights Association.

All rights reserved.

Written 2/1/2021

There comes a time in your life to forgive and forget

The list of forgiveness ever growing

Send your love and blessings to all those who’ve done you wrong

And the ones to come always knowing

That the burden of regret will be lifted from your shoulders

You’ll be free for better days to come

Some words hurt truly deep and it’s hard to let go

Send them away from heart and mind

Forgiveness brings the light inside your soul

That you have searched for

You’ll shine forevermore

Someday you’ll be lifted to a place of understanding

Light as feather when you go

There comes a time in your life to forgive and forget

Even if the pain has caused you sorrow

Send your love and blessings to all those who’ve done you wrong

Time is never there for you to borrow