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Kylie Adam​s-Collier

Award winning Australian songwriter.

Traditional country, folk & bluegrass.

                               Album cover artwork​

Promotional photograph.

Latest single release:

'Memories of My Old Town'’ reminisces about the street where Kylie grew up.

Giant fig trees still line Baker Street, Fernmount, which overlooks the Bellinger River.

Fernmount is located a few kilometers east of Bellingen in Northern NSW and has oneof the best views in the Bellinger Valley.

The artwork for Kylie’s single is a photograph by north coast resident Mark

Llewellyen who kindly gave permission for Kylie to use it.

Kylie warmly describes her childhood of digging up old bottles, buying lollies at theold Post Office, watching the cows cross the river for milking and catching the olddouble decker bus to school.

Her delightful story is a beautifully rich traditional song and features Luke Moller onfiddle and Michael Carpenter on dobro guitar.

‘Memories of My Old Town’ is the second single from Kylie’s new album ‘Light as a Feather.’

NEW SINGLE : Memories of My Old Town release to radio 8th March through Blue Shamrock Music.

Award winning songwriter Kylie Adams-Collier talks about her forthcoming single 'Memories of My Old Town' from her forthcoming album 'Light as a Feather.'

Video produced by MCMI- Music Imaging.


Music produced, mixed, engineered and mastered by Michael Carpeter at Love HZ Studios.

Music & lyrics by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Single release 8th March.

Album release 11th March.

Michael Carpenter- Guitars, double bass, mandolin & dobro guitar.

Luke Moller- fiddle.

Kylie Adams-Collier - vocals & backing vocals.

Single to radio release through Blue Shamrock Music.

Press Release.

Multi - award winning songwriter Kylie Adams-Collier has released her fourth solo album ‘Light as a Feather.'

Release platforms - Kylie’s website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

All songs written by Kylie Adams-Collier with two tracks co- written including True Love’ co-written with lyrics by Lola Patricia Brinton and ‘The Willow Weeps for Me’ co-written with lyrics written by John Seers.

Multi -award winning Australian songwriter Kylie Adams-Collier delves deep into her hometown roots with her fourth solo album

'Light as a Feather.’ With influences of bluegrass, folk and traditional old school country, her songs of love, forgiveness, grief and small-town memories are delivered in a unique yet warmly familiar sentiment.

Dedicated to Kylie's mother Gillie Adams and her hometown of Bellingen.

Kylie’s music is influenced by her mother’s love of music.

Surrounded by creativity, music and love Kylie began writing from an early age.

She writes and sings songs of truth and has been described as a ‘Painter of Words.’

Lyrics from her new album can be found on this website.

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Michael Carpenter

at Love HZ Studios, Sydney 2021.

Michael Carpenter- acoustic & electric guitars, dobro guitar,

mandolin, double bass, piano, organ & drums.

Luke Moller- fiddle.

Zane Banks-banjo & mandolin.

Kylie Adams-Collier-vocals & backing vocals.

Album photography by Michael Carpenter.

Album artwork by Kylie Adams-Collier.


1. Memories of My Old Town-

3. To Fill the Pail

4. Lavender Bridge

5. The Willow Weeps for Me

6. Mamma's Table

7. Fearless Like a Magpie

8. True Love

9. On a Summer's Night.

10. Light as a Feather

11. If You Could Only Find the Time


'Light as a Feather' is gaining acknowledgment from national songwriting judges-

Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriting contest shortlist- Best Country, Folk/Acoustic, Spiritual and Lyrics.

Tamworth Songwriters Association Salute Awards -

Finalist- Best Bluegrass Song for 'Light as a Feather.'

Tamworth Songwriters Association Salute Awards – Semi-finalist- Eric Watson Commemorative Award for Traditional Country Song of The

Year for 'Fearless Like a Magpie.'

Gold Medallion Media Awards finalist for Best Female Artist for NSW.

Her first single release 'Light as a Feather' made the Top 10 in the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart thanks to CRS Publicity and Diamondback Records.

Kylie’s second single release ‘Memories of my Old Town’ is set for release on March 7th through Blue Shamrock Music. https://blueshamrockmusic.com/

Website- www.kylieadams-collier.com

Contact number- 0423 956 758

Email- [email protected]

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJHKtgoKETrRqjSxB1O6zzw

Social Media- https://www.facebook.com/kylieadamscolliermusicandpublicity

Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/artist/36MCNuQ7bD0uEX0bO5mJSq

Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/au/artist/kylie-adams-collier/898846773

Bandcamp- https://kylieadams-collier.bandcamp.com/

Kylie talks about her new album 'Light as a Feather.'

Video transcript.

Light as a Feather is eleven tracks of my songs.

Lucky eleven. 

They're songs that pay tribute to my hometown of Bellingen. 

I co-wrote two of the songs with Lola Patricia Brinton and John Seers and I wrote the rest of the album. 

And I actually wrote alot of the tracks in the last minute because I had time.

We started recording in June 2021 and then COVID came back and so I had time to go back over the songs and write some new songs that I'm really happy with.

Michael Carpenter produced the album.

The multi instrumentalist. Fantastic representation and understanding respectfully of my music.

Double bass, dobro guitar, acoustic guitars, organ, piano, mandolin. Just layering different instruments to different tracks that suit the song beautifully and I'm so so happy and really really good at guiding my vocals aswell with what the song needed and I'm really really grateful.

We also had Zane Banks play his fine pickin' banjo on there and Luke Moller aswell was sending through fiddle tracks, lovely fiddle through most of the tracks aswell. Sounds great.

As a team we have produced eleven tracks that tell the story of my hometown,the place where I grew up in and not only that but they are songs that people identify with.

Songs that are Bluegrass, country, old school, traditional and songs that have these traditional instruments in them and it also allowed me to be myself.

And to be true to myself as a songwriter.

Every song is a song in it's own right.

And i'm so thrilled to bits that it's all come together so beautifully.

And the lucky eleven album 'Light as a Feather' I feel from the bottom of my heart is going to do really well.

What I'd really love to achieve with this record is longevity.

I would like each song to stand on it's own and I would like people to listen back to this album in twenty years time and go - that was a great album.

That was a great representation of the countryside, farmers, the valley, Bellingen and be able to identify their lives to those tracks and understand them themselves.

I really want people to love this album and remember it.

I feel spiritually that I have connected to back where I am from.

I feel that there is an element of Gospel in the album. 

I see it being timeless in that respect and I think that this album is really going to affect people on a deeper level.

And I'm affected by it through the whole process of producing it and so I really feel that people are going to love it.

Really love it.