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Kylie Adam​s-Col​lie​r


Kylie Adams-Collier performs her song Montevideo Maru 1942

 80th Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Commemoration Service at the Australian War Memorial. 

Video by Max Uechtritz.

July 2022.

Montevideo Maru 1942 written by Kylie Adams-Collier - Video by John Reeves - Travavur Consulting

Recorded on the 22nd June 2017 at Rabaul Harbour, Papua New Guinea.

Rabaul & Montevideo Maru 75th Anniversary Memorial Service

              Montevideo Maru 1942 produced by Max Uech​tritz.

Memories of My Old Town interview by MCMI Music Imaging.

Kylie's 'Light as a Feather' album teaser produced by MCMI Music Imaging. 

Kylie talks about her gospel bluegrass song 'Light as a Feather.'

Produced by MCMI Music Imaging.

'Memories of My Old Town' music clip produced by Kylie Adams-Collier.

Kylie performs 'On a Sandstone Ridge' at the Back to the Bush Spectacular 2022.

'Camel up Earlston Said.'

 Lyrics & music by Kylie Adams-Collier. 

Produced by Lindsay Waddington. 

Music video produced by Lisa McIntosh.